Buying guide for hair shears and hair scissors. How to choose the right set of hair cutting shears.

Hair Shears Buying Guide

Looking to purchase a Professional pair of Hair Shears? Be sure to read this buying guide so that you can feel confident that you will know which t...

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Should you sharpen hair scissors/shears or leave it to a professional?

How to Sharpen Hair Scissors

Every seasoned hairstylist will tell you that the secret to a crisp, clean cut is a sharp pair of hair scissors. But not every stylist knows how to...

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How to use hair shears. Barber demonstrates proper use of hair scissors.

How to Use Hair Shears

One of the most common questions when it comes to cutting hair is how to properly use hair shears, also known as hair scissors. Quality hair shears...

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Giving yourself a haircut. Should you cut your own hair?

Perfecting the 'COVID Cut’

With more clientele lumped into the lockdown life for the past year, hairstylists are staying on top of the latest COVID hair cutting trends and st...

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