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Rasoio per barba di sicurezza SakiRasoio per barba di sicurezza Saki
Risparmia 39%Wood Straight Shaving RazorRasoio a mano libera in legno di ebano
Rasoio a mano libera in legno di ebano Prezzo scontato$97.00 Prezzo $160.00
Risparmia 39%Rasoio in legno naturaleRasoio in legno naturale
Rasoio in legno naturale Prezzo scontato$97.00 Prezzo $160.00
EsauritoRisparmia 20%Hagane Straight Razor for MastersHagane Straight Razor for Masters
Hagane Straight Razor for Masters Prezzo scontato$160.00 Prezzo $201.00
EsauritoRisparmia 16%Ultimate Straight Razor Saki TogariUltimate Straight Razor Saki Togari
Ultimate Straight Razor Saki Togari Prezzo scontato$120.00 Prezzo $143.00
Risparmia 28%Premium Straight Razor for Men - EnjinPremium Straight Razor for Men - Enjin
Premium Straight Razor for Men - Enjin Prezzo scontato$81.00 Prezzo $113.00
Risparmia 28%Professional Straight Razor for Men - KiruProfessional Straight Razor for Men - Kiru
Professional Straight Razor for Men - Kiru Prezzo scontato$81.00 Prezzo $113.00

Hair Shears for Modern Trends

Saki Shears Canada

Garnering global acclaim from numerous industry publications, Saki Shears has been distinguished as one of the top hair shear brands worldwide, particularly resonating with the professional market in Canada. Our array of hair scissors, including specialized thinning shears, embodies a fusion of exceptional craftsmanship and innovative design. Each shear is a masterpiece, designed to meet the exacting demands of Canada's leading stylists, barbers, and hairdressers. This international recognition underscores our devotion to delivering unparalleled quality and precision in hair cutting tools. Saki Shears remains dedicated to elevating the art of hair styling, offering Canadian professionals tools that redefine excellence in their craft.